About us

Cubic is a strategic design and communications agency. We create and launch corporate and product brands for established companies and emerging businesses. For nearly 20 years, our smart strategies and engaging creativity have helped our clients transform how they tell their brand story.

What we do

  • – Research and analysis
  • – Strategy and positioning
  • – Naming
  • – Brand identity
  • – Brand communication
  • – Ideas generation
  • – Packaging
  • – Digital

Insight driven

Effective change starts with developing clear, engaging insights that guide thought and action. Consequently we believe that “getting the thinking right” is the key to creating compelling brand experiences. With a robust conceptual framework in place that genuinely reflects audience ambitions we can bring those ideas to life using whatever channels, platforms, media and opportunities are most relevant.

Fascinated by the future

Our work is firmly grounded in the present, addressing the real-life issues faced by our clients. At the same time we are constantly looking ahead in order to anticipate and manage change. We are always hungry for new ideas, always interested and always listening. That means never standing still or being satisfied with the status quo. By remaining alert to the shifting currents of culture we can help our clients stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

Sparking conversations

A key focus in much of our work is enabling relevant, engaging conversations between our clients and their audiences. Of course, beginning a conversation is just the start; in order to be effective it is essential the conversation continues. That means having something meaningful to say and knowing how best to say it. We understand how to create and sustain the right dialogue between a brand and its audience by adopting an interconnected approach to strategy, design and experience.

Design that adds value

In the final analysis, branding and design have one overarching goal: to drive success. The precise nature of that success will of course vary from context to context; what doesn’t vary is our commitment to delivering concrete results for our clients. That means using our strategic understanding and creative capabilities to add value at every opportunity and make a positive contribution to our clients’ business.

Our experience

We are obsessed – in the best possible way – with helping our clients grow, whether that is measured in terms of sales, audience reach, market share, ROI or any number of other metrics. Over the last two decades it has been our privilege to work with a fascinating variety of clients across a wide range of sectors.


Our partners lead from the front, working directly with our clients and taking a hands-on role in every project. For nearly 20 years their leadership and expertise has helped Cubic deliver bigger insights that add value, shape the future and catalyse change.

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