For over fifteen years, Cubic has been creating superhero brands

Cubic is a branding agency. We’ve been around for over fifteen years, and of course we’ve grown older and wiser in that time. Even so, we’ve stayed true to many of the things we believed when we first set up: that creative excellence is the cornerstone of successful branding; that practical can still be beautiful; that you learn an awful lot by listening; that cutting corners usually leads to a dead end. If we specialise in anything, its giving brands a voice. Not any old voice, but a voice that rings true and clear and reverberates with personality.


The company we keep

We’re proud of the company we keep. Over the years, we’ve worked with many household names, as well as all kinds of interesting businesses from all kinds of different sectors. We treat everyone just the same, looking at every project as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and challenge our intellect.


In over a decade, Cubic has built up a talented, balanced team, well used to dealing with the demands and expectations of national and international clients. And we’ve nurtured a rare studio culture that successfully marries science, art and business nous. We have all the necessary skills and resources to deliver fully integrated, joined-up, multi-channel brand programmes. Programmes that can take your business to the next level.

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