Bygott Biggs work with law firms and in-house legal teams to find the best and brightest people at every level, from junior solicitors to senior partners. For over 20 years they’ve brought together the right people at the right time to achieve the right result, so naturally we pulled out all the stops to do the same for them with our campaign and digital work.

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The perfect opportunity

Building on a relationship that stretches back to when we designed their identity over 15 years’ ago, we created a campaign for them based around the idea of 'the perfect opportunity', a powerful theme we identified through a structured process of competitor and market research.

A little help from our friends

To bring the idea of “the perfect opportunity” to life we commissioned photographer Marcus Ginns to shoot the campaign images, and the equally talented Ben Statham to take care of people photography. We also worked with copywriter Roger Horberry to shape the entire approach to brand language and copy.

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As high end as their aspirations

To support this campaign we repurposed our art direction and related campaign materials to design a premium website that delivered a premium digital experience. Like Bygott Biggs themselves, it’s unashamedly high end, with an aesthetic that directly reflects their aspirations. Combining a crisp, contemporary look with powerful functionality, it’s an effective, future-facing resource that will support BB for many years.

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For over 15 years we have enjoyed a close working partnership with Cubic. As our business has grown and evolved Cubic have helped us fine tune and re-sculpt our brand and identity. They understand not just what we’re about but also the market within which we operate. They are strategic and insightful, passionate and original. Perfection is their objective and this is evident across all of their work.

Jane Biggs
Managing Director, Bygott Biggs

What we did


Research and analysis
Core proposition
Brand personality
Brand positioning
Content strategy


Visual identity
Verbal identity
Identity systems
Brand guidelines
Brand guardianship


Print and literature
Front-end development
Back-end development
UX / UI design
Ideas generation
Content development
Design templates
Office templates

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