Bridgepoint is one Europe’s most respected private equity companies. Impressed by our work on the previous year’s Annual Review, they commissioned us to create the 2015 version. Our goal was to show how Bridgepoint’s small number of highly integrated, expert teams differentiated them from their competitors. This structure enabled them to connect ideas and capital in a way that builds stronger businesses with real potential for growth. 

A fresh perspective

We wanted to give readers a new insight into Bridgepoint that was informative, inspiring and reassuring. Working with key individuals within the business we decided that the most effective way to meet this challenge was to build the Review around profiles of their six key areas of expertise – media and technology, consumer, healthcare, business services, financial services and manufacturing. Crucially, as well as profiling these six individual areas of expertise we would also show their close integration and shared purpose.

For over 25 years Br@2xFor over 25 years Br@2x
BP 2015 illo v1@2xBridgepoint sector illustration Healthcare v2@2x
BP 2015 illo v2@2xBridgepoint-sector-illustration-Consumer-v2@2x
BP 2015 illo v3@2xBridgepoint-sector-illustration-Finance-v2@2x

Eye-catching and appropriate

We made sure the document had a strong visual identity that would help it stand out in the conservative world of equity management. To achieve this we art directed top photographers Richard Moran and Lindsay Broadley during shoots at Bridgepoint’s London and Paris offices, and commissioned illustrations in a bold, contemporary style that captured different aspects of Bridgepoint’s business model. With a vibrant colour palette and carefully crafted copy, the final report felt more than the sum of its parts. 

Xavier Robert and Long Qian seated CMYK@2xXavier Robert and Long Qian seated CMYK@2x
BP 2015 people 2@2xBP 2015 people 2@2x
BP 2015 people 3@2xBP 2015 people 3@2x
2018_06_14_Cubic_Day_1_419 Mono@2x2018_06_14_Cubic_Day_1_419 Mono@2x
BP 2015 spread 1@2xspread 1@2x
BP 2015 spread 2@2xspread 2@2x
BP 2015 spread 3@2xspread 3@2x
BP 2015 spread 4@2xspread 4@2x

Not business as usual

Focusing on Bridgepoint’s six areas of expertise was the key to the report’s success. This approach gave us the opportunity to highlight both specific skills and the depth of their interconnection. Bridgepoint themselves are delighted with the result, particularly the fact that it presents them as an organisation that never settles for 'business as usual'.

FJ7P9808CU 01_1@2xFJ7P9808CU 01_1@2x

We wanted to give readers a new perspective on Bridgepoint’s activity, one that differed significantly from the approach we used the previous year yet was informative and reassuring at the same time.

Adam Travis
Brand Strategy Director, Cubic

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