Strategy, Identity and Experience

We use fully joined-up thinking and doing to help leaders create persuasive, authentic narratives for brands. These serve to motivate staff, win over customers, and make the competition sit up and take notice. Working closely with our clients, we develop bold, innovative initiatives that buck the status quo and take your brand forward to new, exciting places.


Strategy Armed with our key insights, we develop a compelling strategic direction for your brand.


It’s the thought that counts. Our strategic work is thorough, astute and incisive; the firm foundation for all that follows. We examine the information we’ve extracted minutely, to find the best way forward for your business and brand.

Identity With the strategy in place we create a brand identity that gets the world talking about you.


The identities we create at Cubic are rich and multi-layered, but most of all, uncompromisingly relevant. They’re born from a strong, central idea and a clarity of purpose, designed to strike the right chord with your audience.

Experience We then make sure your brand is experienced clearly and engagingly across all relevant channels.


We’re media neutral. Which is just a posh way of saying we’re not set in our ways and don’t favour any particular way of getting your brand noticed. Instead, plump for whatever’s most effective, mixing and matching for maximum effect.