You, them and us

Making connections


Quite often we find that brands struggle to connect with their customers. This is our thinking on brands (you), your customers (them) and Cubic (us). It shows who does what and how we all connect to each other. And along the way, it demonstrates how understanding this triangle is critical to your business.



You want your brand to go places. To make its mark, be on the tip of people’s tongues. You want to make a difference and – let’s not beat about the bush – make a profit while you’re about it. You’re ambitious, determined to leave the competition spluttering in your dust. While you’re impatient to get things done, you want them done right – with a certain easy style and panache.



Joe Bloggs. The (wo)man on the street. The consumer. The punter. Whatever you call them, you want them on your side. They need to ‘get you’, to feel your difference, to pick you first. You certainly don’t want them flirting with others.

So they need reasons to stay faithful, to trust in you, to talk about you like you’re an old friend. A small bit of you should be with them at all times, helping them feel better about the world they live in.



We’re here to help make the connection between you and them. To make sure your message is loud, clear and something worth hearing.

That’s tricky to get right. A little too much of this can affect that, while too much of the other throws everything else out of kilter. Which can be downright confusing for the customer. Getting the balance right takes judgement, know-how and skill.

A brand has to work hard to look effortless. The good news is that we’re here to take the strain.

So when you need to speak to them, speak to us first.


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