Armed with our key insights, we develop a compelling strategic direction for your brand.

It’s the thought that counts. Our strategic work is thorough, astute and incisive; the firm foundation for all that follows. We examine the information we’ve extracted minutely, to find the best way forward for your business and brand.

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Our capabilities

Research and analysis

Before we can do anything, we need to be clear exactly who you are and what you want. This means analysing your business needs, your market and your rival brands.

Core proposition

Who you are and what makes you special. Preferably in one sentence. Think of it as the sturdy coat-hanger that everything else hangs from.

Brand personality

What type of person does your brand represent? Are you likeable and chummy, or professional and businesslike? And how do you put this across?

Brand positioning

Whereabouts do people see your brand in the wider marketplace? Strong brands stand tall in a clear – and often distinctive – position.

Vision and values

What about the bigger picture? Do you have a really clear idea about where you’re heading and what you stand for?


What’s in a name? Everything. The right name resonates and is remembered. It sets the tone for the rest of the branding.

Product architecture

How different products sit within a family. Is there a hero product that takes the lead? How similar or distinct should they be? Minions or Modern Family?

Content strategy

Like conducting an orchestra. Messages need to work solo, but also as part of a harmonious whole. Tone, pitch and volume are also critical.

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Armed with our key insights, we develop a compelling strategic direction for your brand.

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With the strategy in place we create a brand identity that gets the world talking about you.

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We then make sure your brand is experienced clearly and engagingly across all relevant channels.

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